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Tez Brooks

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The Magic City Surge is an ABA Men’s Professional Basketball team located in Birmingham, Alabama (The Magic City). Embarking on their third season, The Surge is definitely making a powerful move forward.

The Surge "shocked the city" by ending Season 2 in the Gulf Coast division, ranking number 14 in the nation. The Surge also gained notable recognition with their CEO being the first female, African-American to own a professional

sports team in the State of Alabama.

The Magic City Surge was established in 2017 with Wayne Thomas and Rod Grizzard as the coaching staff. Wayne Thomas, Miles College Sports Hall of Fame, played receiver for the Golden Bears and is recorded as one of the best receivers to come out of the State of Alabama. 


Wayne also noted for playing with Arena League ~ Birmingham Steel Dogs as the leading touchdown scorer in a two year period. Rod Grizzard, legendary basketball athlete from the University of Alabama; drafted in the second round in the 2002 NBA Draft by the Washington Wizards, led by team president Michael Jordan.

In Season 2, Kimberly Meadows-Clark, owner of the Magic City Surge, led the team into new endeavors providing business incubator and leadership opportunities for the players.  This was a pivotal moment for Surge all-star, Richard Ford, who played overseas and is leading the team in Season 3 as the Head Coach.

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Derrick Jolly

D. Hereford

D. Palmer

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Bobby King

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Photos by: Kristan Makayla Photography